Moving Beyond “Political Correctness”

“Political correctness” has become an albatross of limitation and as we continue our rebirth into a new state of consciousness, it’s important to allow our perspectives to expand as well. The modern roots of it sprouted from an understandable desire to teach society how to become more aware of the impact of our words and … Continue reading


The Magic of Awe and Wonder

It’s hard to be depressed and anxious when you’re in awe and wonder and wonder is a verb as well as a noun. Not much surprises me anymore but I’m often in a state of amazement. I used to be surprised by the learning curves in life that came along which didn’t fit into my … Continue reading

The Shamanic Dimension of Mental Health… A Personal Story

Shamanism is a natural state for me and it’s within this framework that I carry a passion and purpose to help bring a new perspective to the growing issue of mental health in this country and around the world, particularly in modern societies. There’s a growing “hunger” in many for re-connection to something beyond us. … Continue reading

Framing Mental Health Within the Shamanic Experience

My education on this concept initially came from my own personal experiences and then began to expand further as I worked with shamen in other cultures and heard other people’s stories. This was a journey on which I was half led and half thrust into and I can assure you… it wasn’t for the faint … Continue reading

Poverty… A State oif Mind

Poverty… A State oif Mind

After recently returning from my first trip to the African country of Uganda, I once again found myself considering new perspectives on various things. These are gifts that always accompany me back home when I’m willing to leave my comfort zone in search of new experiences. In fact, I think it’s impossible to avoid…   … Continue reading