Who Am I?

Check out my blog where I’ll be sharing new perspectives on old issues. Stretching isn’t just good for our bodies!

I’ve always been one for looking outside-the-box for what isn’t always easily and neatly explained. My innate curiosity eventually turned into a quest to find answers and explanations for us as humans and as spiritual beings. At times this has required a certain amount of tenacity which eventually earned me the illustrious nickname… “energetic cowgirl” (boldly riding the dimensions in passion and truth”)!  Humor is it’s own form of powerful energy… What I’ve discovered along the way has been miraculous. I often say I’m never really surprised much anymore but I’m ALWAYS in a state of amazement and gratitude!

Most of what exisits in this Universe is unseen and our human perspectives are often the only things which need to shift or change to allow us to see it all. It must begin as an inside job… being hungry for who we really are… on an authentic level. Once we begin to see beyond the false layers & woundings we’ve been carrying around, we also begin to get a sense of our purpose for being here and believe me… we ALL have one.

I am a healer, teacher, consciousness activist & communicator, artist, writer , speaker & a shamanic warrior for empowering and supporting  Youth, Women & our Natural World. I’m also continually in the adventurous process of working to know my Higher Self. It’s never an event but rather a process and I encourage everyone to get hungry and curious about themselves and this amazing Universe we live in. Magic is real… it just doesn’t look like a rabbit being pulled from a hat!


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