We’re Bleeding at Our Roots…

The horrific news about the shooting this week at the elementary school in Newtown, Conn. also brought to the forefront once again, those people who believe this is a call for more guns to defend ourselves with…. everybody for themselves! Our local gun stores here saw their sales for assault rifles like the one used by this shooter go through the roof… in fact, they sold out!

Lot’s of FEAR… anger… anxiety… I’ve never seen “more guns” ever solve anything because at the core of this perspective is still fear and anger which in the law of physics literally creates more of the same as well as the violence that comes along with the ride. It’s like trying to put a band-aid on the problem instead of healing it at it’s cause. WHAT IF we “the people” took our power back & used it to build more support systems for those who not only suffer with mental illness as the shooter did (& their families) but also the growing number of those people who find themselves isolated, alone and unable to fit in. Sadness, lonliness & hopelessness can create resentment & a skewed perspective on reality for anyone. Kindness & compassion can be just as powerful in creating healing & connection.

We need to educate ourselves so we can not only identify those like this who are suffering in our neighborhoods, schools & workplaces but also learn to extend ourselves in the spirit of community as the connected individuals we ALL are whether we like it or not. What affects one of us affects all of us collectively on some level. As a healer, I’ve seen many, many times how even the simplest gestures of kindness and compassion can have noticeable & immeasurable effects.

If you doubt this… try it for yourself… Saying “Hello” in passing to a stranger in line, on the sidewalk, a friendly wave from your car… in essence, just acknowledging that someone was worth the effort in many cases is the first time in a long time or sometimes ever that they have been made to feel like they deserve to take up space in this world. I never ceased to be amazed at how many people feel that way that nobody would guess. There’s something I see in their eyes… an energetic crack… an opening of a realization when they’re acknowledged with kindness. It may lead to a healing or even change their perspective so that instead of contemplating harm to someone, they’re actually able to feel some compassion or connection because it was shown to THEM. Compassion begets compassion as well. WE HAVE TO LEARN TO SEE EACH SITUATION THROUGH THE EYES OF EACH PERSON & NOT JUST OUR OWN… otherwise we’re only seeing half of the whole picture. We can no longer afford to live as if we were islands unto ourselves.

Mental health issues worldwide are growing because our environment is getting more toxic on every level and we’ve lost touch with what “feeds” and nourishes us at the core of who we are… physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.These things will continue to snowball until more of us awaken in growing numbers and truly see the Big Picture. We have become what we eat, drink, spend our time & focus on, how we treat and interact with Mother Earth, the Source of our existence & with each other on an individual basis. We have to be the change we want to see.



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