The Physics of Humor

I became acutely aware a few years ago of just how powerful laughter can be. As with everything in this Universe, humor has its own vibration. Higher, lighter, positive things have a higher vibration while just the opposite is true of denser negativity in any form.

As a shamanic healer, I’ve trained in various modalities but the core of my training the past 13 years came from a fairly large community of healers from the US and Canada. After reaching a colleague status as a faculty member with this particular group, each healer is invited to attend a yearly, 9-day conference in Canada where we collectively learn & work experientially on far-reaching projects in service to our own personal growth, each other & the wellness of our planet.

Although we have our own, individual experiences there, I can tell you housing that many lit-up Healers & Light-Workers under one roof or via the phone (often 200+) for that many days packs a very powerful energetic punch! It allows us to do some wonderful work but it’s also one, eye-opening way to learn about the negative energies that exist was well & how hard they can work to stop large gatherings like this & the Light they bring in.

The older levels in this training spend a great deal of effort building energetic constructs well ahead to shield & protect us all from this type of interference. We each also do our own work. I’ve witnessed & had amazing & often terrifying experiences during this gathering. That’s why healers need to be aware & diligent about understanding what this calling requires for their own safety. That especially applies for a shaman. As near as I can figure, I seemed to get hit with these types of things more than most. But that’s another whole story…

As a large group, upon arriving in the conference area each day along with all of our other safe-guards, we included PLENTY of laughter. There are those who seemed to have missed their callings as stand-up comics. We’ve laughed there… on outings… among ourselves & with our peers… It was a big part of the week… not forced in any way… just “on time”.  Initially I thought it was simply a group of people who enjoyed each other & loved having fun. It didn’t take me long to realize that although that was true, it also had another very specific purpose.


As “tuned-in” as we are so well-trained to be, when we sense any dark energy pushing in, we also feel the lightness of our humor & laughter which almost immediately dispels it. For several years as I traversed through an often terrifying & unexpected “initiation” into shamanism, I used this very real form of “protection” many times.

Humor & the laughter that usually accompanies it benefit us on many other levels as well. On our physical, it releases our “feel-good” brain-chemicals, endorphins which raise our immune systems, boost our energy & protect us from stress. Additionally, our neuro-pathways are formed by the quality of our thoughts & our actions… and repetition.

On a mental & emotional level, anxiety can be a pre-cursor to many things. Relieving stress helps us relax & enables us to gain a wider perspective beyond the confines of only that which we’re upset about. We stop taking ourselves too seriously. Of course, there’s a monumental difference between laughing “at” & laughing “with” ourselves or anyone else. The latter is only a matter of letting go of our limiting egos!

Laughter feeds our ability to strengthen relationships, work as a team-member & attract others. People by nature gravitate toward positivity. It symbiotically feeds them & creates an up-spiral of energy.

So… how does one go about learning to laugh if we’re having trouble seeing the humor in our lives? Shift your perspective. Watching the antics of our pets or children is one great way which allows us a gold-mine of opportunities. Every year on their birthdays, I give my now adult daughters a kid’s toy… something fun that I remember playing with (& still do…)… silly putty… bug-catchers… balls & paddles… yo-yos… kites… you get the idea. Go outside & play… take a walk… connect up with Mama Gaia… go to an art museum… read a great book… remember to let your inner kid out… You know… the innocent one who just wanted to be a kid… even if only for a while. If you weren’t fortunate enough to have that experience or simply can’t remember, just go watch a group of kids or dogs for a while at a park… on a playground… etc. It’s infectious.

Honor yourself. It’s never too late to meet up with your inner-kid! After all… that’s who we all were early on before we got saddled with those “life-lessons” we’re all familiar with. There’s great wisdom in immaturity at that age!

                                         GET CURIOUS… REMEMBER…



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